Author: Michael Baker, M.B.A.

Let’s face it: competition is getting tough out there. Employers need to find a way to stay competitive. A novel way to do this is to focus on how you treat employees. A simple approach is to just treat your employees like CRAP, it is easy! Below you will find four tips on how to effectively treat your employees like CRAP.

Communicate- Communication seems so simple but it is the most common challenge to overcome in the workplace. Think about “how” your message is being communicated and “who” the recipient of your message is. Ask your employees their preferred communication method. Common communication methods are meeting face to face, e-mail, or phone call. There is no universal communication method. Everyone is different and it is up to you as a leader to identify the best communication method for your employees. The better you understand communication preferences of your employees, the better your message will be interpreted.

Repeat- Repetition is contagious. Repetition creates a work environment that fosters consistency. Leaders in a company must be consistent on enforcing company policies and procedures. Employees need to see that you are not showing favoritism and that all employees are held to the same policies and procedures outlined by the company.

Actuate autonomy- The old school business environment thrives on micromanagement. In this day and age, nobody goes to work looking forward to being micromanaged. It is stressful and causes unnecessary anxiety to employees. Give your employees the freedom to complete work tasks outlined by you without suffocating them. Give clear direction on what needs to be done and solid deadlines.

Positively Reinforce- It is easy for managers to focus on mistakes and play the “blame game” for substandard outcomes. Mistakes happen. Instead of wasting time and energy focusing on why somebody made a mistake, treat it as a learning opportunity by working out a solution to prevent the mistake from happening again. Make time to recognize good work and celebrate good accomplishments. Reward good behavior that fosters positive energy in your company and remember to be consistent with it.

Treating your employees like CRAP is easy, and the benefits of treating your employees this way will make a positive impact on the culture of your company. Feel free to contact us if you need advice on how to treat your employees like CRAP.

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